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Master in Marketing - MCD

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Title: Master's Degree in Marketing
Approval: RPC-SO-03-No.027-2018, January 17, 2018
Duration of the program: Semesters: 4
Subjects: 19
Credits: 44
Addressed to: Escuela de Empresas programs are aimed at professionals who seek to create business value, wish to improve their professional performance, have the potential to occupy management positions, lead teams or processes, and manage new businesses (innovative projects or their own ventures) in Ecuador and the world.
Schedule: Class sessions 3 days per week
Parallel 1: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:30 pm to 9:45 pm.
Parallel 2*: Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 pm to 9:45 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 12:15 pm.
*Parallel 2 will be opened only when parallel 1 is completed.
Investment: Registration: $1,315
Tariff: $13,150
Total: $14,465
Application exam dates:

03 Jun, 2023
17 Jun, 2023



Academic Mesh

Semester 1

Name Code Credits
Accounting and Finance MKT MMCD6001 3
Management communication MMCD6002 2
Consumer behavior MMCD6003 2
Segmentation and positioning MMCD6004 2
Liberal arts 1 MMCD6101 1

Semester 2

Sales management MMCD6005 3
Pricing strategy MMCD6006 2
Strategic brand management MMCD6007 2
Channel strategies MMCD6008 2
Liberal Arts 2 MMCD6102 1

Semester 3

New product development MMCD6009 3
Services marketing MMCD7001 2
Digital Marketing MMCD7002 2
Neuromarketing MMCD7003 2
Preparación del trabajo de titulación MMCD7982T 5
Preparación del examen complexivo MMCD7981X 5

Semestre 4

Negocios internacionales MMCD7004 2
Marketing relacional MMCD7005 2
Simulación global de marketing MMCD7006 2
Desarrollo trabajo titulación MMCD7992T 4
Examen complexivo MMCD7991X 4



Payment for the application package

  • Make the payment of $148.00 USD for the "Postgraduate Application Process" through the following link and send a screenshot of the payment confirmation to Santiago Tapia, Admissions Counseling Director, at stapia@usfq.edu.ec.

Application form

  • Complete the application form in digital format and send it to stapia@usfq.edu.ec together with a passport photo and the digital registration form for the entrance exam.

Entrance evaluation

  • Take the entry assessment, which determines styles or talents that serve to evaluate professional and managerial potential.

English proficiency

  • Present a certificate of proficiency of your level of English. For the School of Business master's programs, the level of English will be one of the admission criteria. Consult with the Department of Foreign Languages USFQ - DLE.


Delivery and validation of basic documentation to the Admissions Office

  • Higher education degree
  • Registration of the degree at SENESCYT
  • Grade transcript with grade
  • Official score record
  • Citizenship card or passport
  • Certificate of English proficiency from the Department of Foreign Languages USFQ - DLE.

Delivery and validation of specific documentation to Escuela de Empresas

  • Updated resume
  • Personal data form
  • Two letters of professional recommendation, in sealed envelopes, to be sent by the sender.
  • Personal essay

Personal interview

  • Once you have submitted all the documentation, you will be called for an interview with one or more of the assigned professors.


The Admissions Office will notify you via e-mail of the results of your application and selection process.


More information and advice

Karolina Báez
Coordinadora Comercial

Edificio Hayek H-100E
02-297-1700 ext.1582

Why study at USFQ?

Liberal arts university

The liberal arts, an educational philosophy in which all disciplines of knowledge have equal importance, allows us to train free individuals, aware of their surroundings, entrepreneurs, self-confident, creative and without conditioning.

“Autonomy properly understood is the beginning of freedom. Freedom with responsibility is the law of the university.”

Santiago Gangotena

Leading with integrity and freedom to create value in society.

The future Master in Marketing will achieve:

Efficiently manage the commercial area of organizations in the industrial, manufacturing, artisan and service sectors in Ecuador and the world.

Analyze balance sheets and critical financial indicators in sales and marketing management.

Apply knowledge to analyze consumer behavior, determine prices and costs efficiently, and manage mass and retail channels.

Propose ways to export and seek opportunities in international markets.

Design processes for the development of new value-added products, advertising plans and brand and product positioning.

International week

The Master of Business Administration includes an international week at one of our partner universities.

EDEM, school located in Valencia- Spain, created by and for entrepreneurs. It has more than 15 years of experience and is part of the Marina de Empresa ecosystem, a group of 3 institutions that make up the perfect place to develop initiatives and the individual talent of its students.

Babson College, leading university in entrepreneurship located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, United States. Since its inception in 1919, it prepares and empowers business leaders who create, cultivate and manage sustainable economic and social value with a global reach.