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Quotas: Up to 3 scholarships for each certificate and course.


  • Be a regular student of USFQ, studying at least the 3rd year of studies in any career.
  • Have a minimum cumulative 3.5-4.0GPA.
  • The scholarship percentage is established according to the student’s cumulative average:
    • 3,50 a 3,70 – 40%
    • 3,71 a 3,90 – 60%
    • >= 3,91 a 4,00 – 75%
  • The business education programs to which the scholarship applies are those published in the calendar on the Escuela de Empresas website. Applies to certificates and courses.
  • This scholarship requires application. The student must send the form duly filled out.
  • The deadline to apply for this scholarship is at least 15 calendar days before the opening date of the program in which you wish to participate.
  • It must be attached to the form:
    • A letter of recommendation from a professor or dean, addressed to Escuela de Empresas.
    • Transcript updated report card, which can be requested at certificados@usfq.edu.ec.
  • Send the completed form by the application deadline.
  • Must be taken specifically by the student pursuing his or her undergraduate degree. It is not transferable.
  • A letter of acceptance and conditions must be signed.