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Escuela de Empresas offers business management programs for performance improvement. The portfolio includes master and business education programs in the areas of quality and productivity, talent development, finance, management and strategy, leadership, marketing and sales.

The programs combine competencies demanded by the business market with the liberal arts philosophy that promotes self-management, critical thinking and corporate integrity to enhance value creation.

We create value for companies and improve professional performance.


We offer master programs in classroom mode:

Master of business administration – MBA
Learn business management skills to create value, with a strategic, global and sustainable vision through liberal arts and leadership.

Master in finance
Update knowledge in financial markets and corporate finance to enhance income, make profitable and sustainable management decisions with business integrity.

Master in marketing
Acquire strategic and analytical marketing skills to design new products, innovate portfolios and businesses and lead profitable projects focused on new technologies in a market that demands authentic, ethical and digital practices.

Master in talent management and development
Develop a generalist vision to analyze opportunities and implement talent performance improvement initiatives.


We are part of the exclusive group of 300 universities in the world to be accredited by the Asociation of MBAs – AMBA, one of the most prestigious organizations that accredits the academic and professional excellence of MBA programs worldwide.

Business education


We are the only ones in Ecuador and the first in Latin America to be accredited by the Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training – IACET, a global organization that accredits the quality and excellence of continuing education programs under ISO standards in professional training. We are also accredited by the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), an organization internationally recognized for promoting a systematic, evidence-based approach to improving professional and business performance.

Our mission is to lead with integrity and freedom to create value in society.


Our vision is to be the liberal arts business school of reference in the region.

Nuestra visión es ser la escuela de negocios de las artes liberales de referencia en la región.

Our team

We are passionate about learning, we believe in self-leadership and personal growth. We are a team focused on service to achieve applicable educational experiences, and high student and customer satisfaction.

"Solo la educación en libertad puede cambiar el mundo"

Santiago Gangotena

Our history

Universidad San Francisco de Quito’s School of Business was inspired by Santiago Gangotena’s purpose. Today, it is the School of Business of the Liberal Arts whose mission is to lead with integrity and freedom.

Learn about the milestones that marked our history and led us to become a reference in business education in Ecuador and Latin America.

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  • 2004 - With an idea, a venture is born


    Escuela de Empresas USFQ began as a venture of Ana María Novillo Rameix, director of EE-USFQ, together with a friend from USFQ’s Master’s program in Technology Management. The business consisted of giving management seminars open to the public with international professors.

  • 2005 - With the determination and support of USFQ, the “Fundación de Apoyo a la Educación Cicerón” was created.


    The project gained momentum when Ana María returned to USFQ to create a self-sustaining training area and received the support of its founder, Santiago Gangotena. After six months of legal proceedings, Fundación de Apoyo a la Educación Cicerón was born, a name chosen by Santiago in recognition of the philosophy schools promoted by Cicero.

  • 2005 - Our logo, our pride


    Freehand drawn by Santiago Gangotena, the logo bears the symbols that distinguish USFQ: the dragons, magical creatures that represent strength and wisdom, and the motto: studium, progressum, labor, which defines our focus on business education.

  • 2005 - First In-company program


    With only a few months officially in the market, we carried out the first In-company program, together with the multinational company Yanbal. The Balance Scorecard certificate was attended by 50 employees and lasted 40 hours.

  • 2006 - Continuing education for the open public


    It starts offering courses in several areas of study: strategy, marketing and advertising, education and the food industry.

  • 2008 - The start of a high-impact project: Sales and Service School – General Motors


    Developed in conjunction with General Motors, we created the “Sales and Service School”, an In-company program that benefited more than 3,400 employees. This initiative arose with the aim of contributing to the professional development of GM talent through training in self-management, communication, customer service, conflict negotiation, consultative selling, among others.

  • 2009 - Growing demand for open to the public programs


    Programs are implemented for close to 10,000 participants in leadership, entrepreneurship, industrial, systems, quality, economics, sales, auditing, agribusiness, taxation, management, marketing, finance, talent, liberal arts and others related to business management.

  • 2012 - First international In-company program


    Together with Volkswagen, we started the first international In-company program, “Training of T4T training instructors”, with the participation of 43 employees from Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil.

  • 2013 - Creation of the Performance Model – MODE


    Her passion for learning led Ana Maria to obtain a Doctorate in Philosophy, Ph.D., with a specialization in Training & Performance Improvement from Capella University, where she obtained the necessary tools to create a model for organizational and individual performance improvement for all academic programs and talent development projects at Escuela de Empresas called Modelo de Desempeño – MODE.

  • 2015 - 10th anniversary


    Thanks to a team committed to contributing to the improvement of professional and business performance in the country, and with 290 programs (open and In-company) delivered; and more than 17,000 graduates, we celebrate 10 years in the market, positioning ourselves as leaders in business education in Ecuador.

  • 2015 - IACET Accreditation


    After a rigorous accreditation process, we became the only business school in Ecuador to be accredited by the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training – IACET, a global organization that accredits the quality and excellence of continuing education programs under ISO standards in professional training; and that allows us to grant Continuing Education Units (CEUs) as a measure of performance and career development in the working world, valid internationally.

  • 2019 - ISPI Accreditation


    As a guarantee of the highest quality standards in business education, EE-USFQ obtains its second international accreditation from the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), an organization internationally recognized for promoting a systematic, evidence-based approach to performance improvement. The accreditation reinforces our commitment to the growth and development of individuals and organizations.

  • 2020 - Resilience, innovation, transformation


    The Covid-19 pandemic boosted virtuality and with it the resilience of the Escuela de Empresas team. Led by Ana Maria, we created an offer of 100% synchronous virtual programs, with which we positively impacted thousands of professionals nationally and internationally, as was the case of the Guatemalan Federated Sports System.

  • 2021 - An important step: USFQ Master’s degrees in business


    Escuela de Empresas takes on the great challenge and integrates USFQ’s Master’s in Business Administration (MBA, Marketing and Finance Management) to its portfolio. With the support of the entire team, in its first year of management it achieved a 20% increase in sales.

  • 2021 - IACET reaccreditation


    Our passion and commitment to business education led us to obtain reaccreditation from the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training – IACET, which guarantees our quality and academic excellence in continuing education programs.

  • 2022 - AMBA Reaccreditation


    With only one year of managing the master’s in business, Escuela de Empresas obtains the reaccreditation of the Association of MBAs – AMBA, one of the most prestigious organizations in the world that accredits the academic and professional excellence of MBA programs globally. EE-USFQ becomes part of the select group of 300 universities and business schools in the world to have this recognition for its Master in Business Administration.

  • 2022 - NeurotrainingLab


    With the objective of improving leadership performance, emotional intelligence and the performance of professionals and managers, we launched the first neuro-leadership laboratory in Ecuador that uses neuroscience, state-of-the-art technology and a methodology for the assessment and development of emotional (EQ), social (SQ) and cultural (CQ) intelligence competencies to record the emotions and verbal and non-verbal behavior of the participants.

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